Servicing Your Furnace

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Servicing Your Furnace

Regardless of the type of heating system you have, some maintenance procedures are universal:

* Check the draft hood on the furnace for discoloration, soot, peeling paint, dust, etc.

* Check the flue for deterioration. White marks or rust indicate condensation build-up, which leads to mold.

* Check the chimney for blockage, broken mortar, crumbling bricks.

* Keep your furnace motor oiled. Check the belt, which is inexpensive and easy to replace.


Safety Concerns:

* Standing water on the floor near your water heater is trouble. Also check for low water in the site gauge, which could prevent the unit from firing properly.

* Never store things near your water heater or furnace.

* A pilot or burner with a yellow flame (indicating improper combustion) may require an adjustment by a contractor.

Know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning (headache; tightness in the chest; watering and burning eyes; weariness; weakness; dizziness; vomiting; loss of muscular control). Call for help if you experience any. Buy a CO detector to measure household levels of carbon monoxide.